Remember That Time KFC Ran Out of Chicken...

KFC's apology ad.

KFC's apology ad.

KFC, one of the largest chicken restaurants in the world, had the unthinkable happen at certain restaurants in the UK recently: they ran out of chicken.

The company had to temporarily close hundreds of stores, angering customers and lighting up social media with complaints.

What could have become a PR nightmare was instead seized for the enormous opportunity it was.

The company responded beautifully with an apology ad that simply said "We're sorry." 

It also featured an altered image of KFC's signature red-and-white striped chicken bucket with the letters scrambled to say "FCK." 

Props on the bold move, KFC.

We would expect nothing less from the company whose Twitter account only follows 11 people: the five former Spice Girls and six random guys named Herb.