The Credeur Group writes thoughtful, deeply researched and richly reported custom content in accordance with financial journalistic standards for the accounting firm's blog, What's Next.


We create custom content for this leading law firm’s website, blogs, brochures, proposals, press releases and other collateral.

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We developed a holistic content-driven thought leadership and social media platform for Atlanta’s premier data-driven real estate brokerage firm. We create blog content, social media posts, newsletters, case studies and white papers to elevate Transcend’s profile in the Southeast and beyond.


The Credeur Group works with luxury custom homebuilder Loudermilk Homes on strategic communications that strengthen its reputation as an innovator in quality custom craftsmanship with complete transparency.

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We work with cooling fabric innovator brrr° on strategic business communications about its proprietary technology, competitive advantages and brand positioning in a hyper competitive marketplace. We also create investor materials and reports and updates for its board of directors.



     "The Credeur Group wrote exceptional custom content that is bringing more traffic to our site and helping us win new business," said Marc Gorlin, Founder and CEO of Roadie Inc. The collaborative delivery service connects businesses and people who need to send things with 50,000 drivers who are already on the road, and has raised more than $25 million in venture capital from Eric Schmidt’s TomorrowVentures, Square co-founder Jim McKelvey, Internet Security Systems co-founder Tom Noonan, Warren Stephens of Stephens Inc., Guggenheim Partners Chairman Alan Schwartz and the UPS Strategic Fund.

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The Credeur Group works with Springboard Strategy to guide clients through innovation opportunities, prototyping and busting through roadblocks. 

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We write blog content and marketing content for this socially responsible startup that hires refugees displaced by geopolitical conflicts in the country of Georgia to hand-harvest the berries from rosa canina plants in the Caucasus Mountains to create this USDA certified organic traditional Georgian rosehip beverage.


"Mary Jane has a deep understanding of business and finance, and that knowledge shines through in content development and storytelling," said Mary Ann Sabo, Founder and President of Sabo PR, a leading West Michigan public relations firm. “I can rely on Mary Jane’s ability to take complex information and distill it into the appropriate format in a timely and compelling manner. And I can rely on Mary Jane to meet deadlines – even the most challenging ones.”

Jade Foods Inc.

     "Mary Jane wrote a richly detailed business plan for Jade Foods that focused on our strengths and financial projections, which made it easier to get financing and launch our business," said Don E. Chandler, Founder and President of Jade Foods Inc., a franchisee of Zaxby's, one of the fastest growing quick-service restaurant chains in America.

Strategic business communications.